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ST. LOUIS, Nov 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Direct Biologics, LLC Has Acquired Paisley Laboratories


Direct Biologics, LLC announces the acquisition of Paisley Laboratories, LLC. The mission of these combined research and development companies is to transform regenerative healing with an emphasis on improved patient care. Direct Biologics is focused on optimizing the regenerative potential of its unique technologies as an industry leader in providing innovative tissue-based technologies for stimulating regeneration across various applications in orthopedics, plastic surgery, general surgery, podiatry, and more. The acquisition of Paisley Laboratories, LLC expands their ability to develop innovative and revolutionary products based on utilizing human mesenchymal stem cells.

Currently, in the United States, over 60 million people have some type of joint or spine pain and there are approximately 12 million interventional procedures performed every year. Direct Biologics' goal is to change the treatment paradigm for this market through clinical and scientic initiatives. Additionally, Direct Biologics owns a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and is developing products to revolutionize the aesthetics market with technology that has been scientically proven to minimize skin aging and restore hair loss. The global aesthetics market is valued at $10 Billion and Direct Biologics' products are applicable in a majority of these 23 million procedures. Direct Biologics' human stem cell technologies work with your body by stimulating your cells' inherent regenerative ability to achieve natural healing. Joe Schmidt, the company's President and Co-founder, said, "Imagine having the ability to treat arthritis, skin aging or pain by unleashing the power of regeneration already present within your own body." Mark Adams, the company's CEO and Co-founder, said, "This new level of unequaled human cellular regeneration is about to become a reality because of the disruptive technologies currently being marketed by Direct Biologics and via the stem cell technology patents we acquired."

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ABOUT DIRECT BIOLOGICS: Direct Biologics, LLC, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is a marketleading innovator and science-based manufacturer of regenerative medical products, including a robust line of biologic and kyphoplasty products. Direct Biologics was created to expand the science of cutting-edge biologic technologies through research and commercialization of medical devices and the naturally occurring proteins from allograft tissue compliant with FDA standards for 361 HCT/P products. Current commercial products include, but are not limited to, AmnioFlo and XoFlo products.


Paisley Laboratories is headquartered in La Costa, California with laboratories nearby and a cGMP manufacturing facility in Florida. They have extensive intellectual property surrounding proprietary methods for obtaining concentrated growth factors and exosomes from human mesenchymal stem cells and their utility.

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