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Experience Health Through Regenerative Technologies

Recent studies have suggested that adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) exert their therapeutic effects by secreting factors that affect tissue repair through the regulation of angiogenesis and immune responses that protect tissues and reduce inflammation in the presence of ischemic tissue injury. The use of these paracrine factors (exosomes and secretomes), extracellular matrix proteins and proteoglycans, which are secreted into the conditioned medium by MSCs, has emerged as an alternative approach for MSC-based therapies to treat various diseases, including wound healing and aging related pathologies.

Paisley Laboratories’ large-scale cGMP bioreactor cell system can grow billions of minimally manipulated adult MSCs under conditions that stimulate the production of regenerative growth factors and anabolic cytokines.  These proteins and peptides are collected, encapsulated and concentrated into a lyophilized powder that can potentially be used for a variety of health and wellness applications.  This work is a collaboration with market leading teams and global companies to bring innovative products and ideas to the consumer and healthcare professionals.

We have created a proprietary formula which contains viable stem cell derived growth factors. It comes in a powder form that is FDA compliant and has a three-year shelf life. The mesenchymal stem cell is the only stem cell that creates the cells that produce collagen for improving the skin. This stem cell also produces cartilage cells to help decrease osteoarthritis. This is backed by very extensive published research (several thousand peer-reviewed papers). We have developed a proprietary method of creating a powder which contains active stem cell growth factors and exosomes. 

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